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Published on March 24, 2005 By spinkiller In Blogging
I have to laugh. The other day Terri Schiavo’s father is out in front of the cameras, trying to get people to actually believe him, saying things like” when I told Terri she smiled at me”. At that point, his daughter, Terri’s sister, looks at him and says Really! What did she say? What did she say! The woman has not spoke in 15 years, yet the sister still cannot figure that out. Shows just how often she comes to see her sister, doesn’t it?
The father just looked at her with disbelief. I was surprised no one asked about it, but I had to chuckle just how dumb she is. By the way, has anyone seen the sister in any more interviews? I have not.

on Mar 24, 2005
Not sure what you're trying to say here. Other than rude insults about someone losing a sibling. Your heart is as black as Coonta Kintay.