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How very strange it is~~ Last week in Texas an infant was allowed to die~actually the law is the Doctor is allowed to pull the tubes out of a patient if they will probably die, and they can't pay. This was signed by then Gov.Bush in 1999.
Now fast forward to today~~now you have Gov. Bush-the other one- who want's a bill passed to make it illegal to pull the tubes from anyone that is considered to be in a persistant vegatative state.
So the Doctors pull the tubes from a BLACK infant,and let him die. The Doctors pull the tubes from a WHITE adult woman,and the President flies out in the middle of the night to sign a last minute bill. The Pope screams,the media is in a frenzy, Nancy Grace is ready to hang the Judge by his testicles because he didn't jump fast enough for her taste, and the whole Country is up in arms,ready to kill for what they believe to be the truth. At the same time, the Black baby lies on a cold metal table,waiting to be disected.No courts, no signs,no last minute Presidential bill signing.
I wonder why this is. Do the poor have less to offer the world? Is the fact that Terri's insurance pays out $80,000 a month to the state of Florida? Or is it because she is white? Maybe both.Money and the White Bible thumping right is a strong reason to keep someone alive

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