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I would like to know why Pres Bush passed a bill in his home state that allowed the feeding tube to be removed in anyone who could not pay the hospital bill, while he came out at the last second to sign this bill for Teri Shhiavo. That certainly seems close to being very hypocritical. Actually that's not true. last week a hospital in Texas pulled the tube from a black infant because the mother couldn't pay. So he has no problem passing a bill that allows black infants to die because of lack of money, yet it costs Florida taxpayers $80,000 a month to keep Teri Schiavo alive,and he will fly out in the middle of the night to sign that one! Wow, that certainly says alot about him,and his morals. But black infants can't vote,so he's safe. Just make sure either you have money,the state will pay your bills, or the Bible thumpers from the extreeme right are behind you
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