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the film "Pretend you know what's going on" now on TV
Published on March 22, 2005 By spinkiller In Blogging
Does everyone feel warm and fuzzy when they watch that 24 second (give or take) clip of Teri Schiavo? The tracking of the balloon, a few grunts here and there, and what looks kind of like a smile. Did you know that it took 10 hours of prep work, and another four and a half hours of filming in order to get that twenty-something second clip?
That's right folks, the parents, mostly the father, would keep waving the balloon in her face, while tapping her forehead, saying "look at the balloon Teri", over & over, for hour after hour, after hour, after hour. In fact, this went on for so long, and he got so upset, getting louder & louder to the point that the nurses had to ask Teri's father to please be quiet.
Finally, Teri would look at the balloon when it was shoved in her face. But understand, this simple act took hours of practice, then hours of filming, just to get those few seconds of what looks like awareness. But realize nothing could be further from the truth. The idea that the parents filmed that just to win over some people is bad enough, but the idea that those who watched the clips, were told how they were made, and still used them to win sympathy from the people, namely us. That’s exactly what Delay and the rest of the dirt in the legislation did in order to win some sympathy while ramming the bill through the Congress.

on Mar 28, 2005
I commend Terri's family for everything they are trying to do to help save her. If it wasn't for Micheal Schiavo and a handful of idiot judges, Terri's condition would not be so severe. Micheal Schiavo should be ashamed of himself for how he has acted and what he has done. And more importantly, the judges involved should be humiliated & ashamed of themselves for letting Schiavo get away with his stupid requests, petitions, and lawsuits. The judges have made it where Schiavo is murdering Terri and getting away with it right in front of every Americans face. Why don't they just hand him a gun and let him get it over with. Schiavo and those judges are sick individuals. Where is their regard to human life? If you had a loved one in Terri's condition or sick in any way, wouldn't you do everything you could to save them? Ecspecially if it could have been prevented from reaching such severity years ago? For those of you who agree with removing Terri's feeding tube and letting her die, I pray that God will have mercy on your souls. Everything you do and say in life will come back to you, so Schiavo better watch out because God will deal with him and his sick, twisted ways.
on Mar 28, 2005
Spinkiller, where did you get this info? I am really curious, as it's the first I've read of it. I'm with you, though, on this issue. Besides using film images that are tantamount to lies, doctor after doctor after doctor stated that a person in a vegetative state will perform involuntary gestures, eye movements, etc. which is very tough for families to understand are nothing but just involuntary. She is missing the part of her brain that allows for any higher functioning. She is a vegetable, without hope of ever recovering, and completely devoid of conciousness.

I can understand Terri's family trying to deceive people into keeping her alive. They are emotionally and distraughtly hanging onto an already "dead" daughter. But, for anyone from Congress, or anyone else, political or otherwise, to use this false film footage to "bolster" their sick cause is disgusting, reprehensible.